Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Waiting For Your Coffee

Dear Diary,

This morning, as I was standing in line at Tim Horton's during their insane morning rush, I saw a man through the window, standing on the sidewalk, shouting, "Tim Horton's Coffee! No line-ups!" I took a closer look and noticed that this man was scalping Tim Horton's coffee from an old toy wagon filled with full Tim's paper cups alongside a bag of sugar and a jug of cream. I turned toward the long lines and barked, "Screw this!" and marched with determination to enjoy my wait-free Timmy's outside, remarking snidely to the staff, "Oh, you guys don't know what just hit you."

After paying the man six bucks for one small cup (which was bitingly cold and tasted oddly like Postum), I told him he had a great business going. I drank the rest of my beverage, standing beside him as the man did no business. He told me to stop talking, saying that he was trying to focus on what he was doing. I told him he wasn't doing anything; how could I be bothering him. That's when he told me to get lost. Shot down, hurt, and extremely disappointed, I went on my way, handing him money for another one of his yucky coffees for the road.

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