Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daydream much?

Dear Diary,

I am working this morning, and have just been hit with an epiphany. It's weird, but it's kind of shattering me a little, like to the core. I have never in my life ever daydreamed. What is it like? Sure, I dream at night, like any other normal person. You're psycho if you don't. But to daydream... I mean to dream right in the middle of the day... what would that be like... I wonder... maybe I'd be dancing by myself in a gorgeous garden, with my face right smack in a bouquet of sweet smelling daisies and dandelions, and my long T-shirt, swirling in the breeze like a summer dress, and light rain kissing my cheeks, like happy tears, thinking about my next birthday, and everyone screaming, "Make a wish! Make a wish!" and me wishing for my next birthday to be the very next day, where I could make another wish that the next day would be my birthday. To daydream... what would that be like... I wonder... Happy Birthday to me (in eight months)...

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