Friday, June 22, 2007

Gearing up for PRIDE, Part 2

Dear Diary,

The office is really excited about our float in the Parade this weekend. Whenever Don, the only openly gay male in our office, walks by, we're all yelling, "Go Don! Go Don! Go! Go!", and he starts doing this really funky chicken dance. We're having such a blast. This place isn't so bad after all.

This morning, Dot, the only openly gay female on our office, made some non-alcoholic punch in this huge, plastic garbage bin and we started drinking some whenever we walked by. I got so high on sugar. In fact, I think I blacked out from all the sugar and excitement. The next thing I knew, me, Charisse, Derek, Maria, and I think the janitor, but I forget his name, were all in the plastic bin, in our underwear, splashing each other with punch. I have no clue how I got there, but I was laughing my head off, having such an amazing time. The garbage bin split open then, from all the people in it, and we all fell and there was punch everywhere, and we were all in our underwear and Sheila, my boss, came in with clients, and Dot was furious that her punch was ruined.

Sheila called the five of us into her office then. In my soaked underwear, I dragged in the pieces of the plastic trash bin just in case she needed it for evidence. Sheila yelled at me to leave it where I found it. She first scolded the janitor, who's like in his fifties, and said that she expected this kind of behavior from him, but regarding the rest of us, she said that she was extremely disappointed. That's when she told us that she was cancelling our office float in the Pride Parade this weekend. The janitor (I think his name's Ray) started crying then.

At lunch, everyone was so mad at us. All five of us sat together in the lunch room with our heads down in shame, me eating my sandwich, shivering in my wet underwear (I still don't know where my clothes are). After lunch, the five of us told everyone to look up from their cubicles, and we performed a sketch on what really went down (I don't know if it was all true), and how each and every one of us ended up in the punch. When it came to my turn, I just burst into tears and begged on my knees to Sheila to please let us have our float in the parade. Dot stood then and said that part of Pride was a little thing called Forgiveness. Everyone started bawling (including Sheila), and applauding, and then giving a standing ovation. I took a bow and mouthed silently to everyone, "Thank you."

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