Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm bored

Dear Diary,

Work is just piling up on my desk, but I'm bored. I'm just sitting in my cubicle, staring at my computer screen, unable to motivate myself to make the next move on Solitaire. I already ate my lunch, at 9:10am - not because I was hungry, but because I had nothing else fun to do.

I brought an origami book to the office this morning to spice up my hours here, but I just got so fed up with this bird mobile I was working on that I just tore everything up, letting out a loud, angry huff. Too many colors, too many species. It's all garbage anyway. Where was I going to put this 50-bird mobile? I wasn't even finished and it was already taking over my entire cubicle. How the heck am I supposed to work with all these paper birds in my way? I hate origami.

Lunch time is only two hours away. But I have nothing to eat, nothing to look forward to. I think I might start my own business, in my cubicle. Maybe a consulting business. I can consult people on business and how they can start their own businesses, in their cubicles. Maybe I'll also start a sign-making business so people can put signs up over their cubicles, advertising what their businesses are all about, complete with flashing lights. I hope someone opens a dry-cleaning business, then I can just drop off my pants and things when I get in, and pick them up on my way out.

Maybe someone can open up a corner store, and I can do my groceries on my coffee break. I bet someone like Charisse will open up a flower shop and I can get my wife discounted flowers since I work with Charisse. She might even have some "day-olds" that I might be interested in. Wouldn't it be convenient if someone opened up a bar, and we can all jam into their cubicle for a drink when we're having a tough day, and at night, they could turn it into a dance club, with a long line-up and bouncers and stuff?

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