Tuesday, June 3, 2008

GUYS Night Out for the SEX AND THE CITY movie

Dear Diary,

Last Friday morning, I found out Charisse (from the accounting firm where I work at as a photocopy guy) was having a Girls Night Out party at her house for some of the women in our office where they would be drinking Cosmopolitan Martinis before going to see the movie version of Sex and the City. None of the men in the office were invited except for Don, who is the only openly gay male at our firm.

I was incensed. So what if I’m a straight man? I LOVE Sex and the City. It’s my fave show of ALL time. By 11am, I decided that I would have my own Sex and the City party, and this one would be a Guys Night Out. Heck yeah! Just a night with us guys, maybe barbecuing and having a few brews and some steaks and then going to Sex and the City.

I quickly handed out invitations to all the men in the office (except for Don who kept exclaiming how excited he was about Charisse’s do), but all the guys at the firm replied that they weren’t interested. So I ran out to my gym, where I know there is a lot of men who work out during lunch. I went from shower stall to shower stall (it’s the only place in the gym where the men actually stay put) and handed out my invitations.

My invitation was simple. It read: “You, sir, are cordially invited to A Night of SEX with a Bunch of Guys!” And because Charisse had free Cosmo drinks at her party, I included (on my invitation), “Before the show, I’ll booze you up nice and good. And then the real fun will begin…” I made sure to add in the “…” since it added a certain element of mystery to the soiree.

Back at work, Don immediately approached me.

DON: I just saw the invitation you gave Howard. Can I come to your party instead of Charisse’s?

ME: Don, nothing would make me happier.

DON: After seeing your invite, I just couldn’t turn it down. You know what I mean?

I smiled, nodding my head. I was beating Charisse at her own game.

ME: I know what you mean.

Howard, a sixty-ish, ex-drill army sergeant-turned-accountant eyed me with disdained, as he held my invitation.

HOWARD: Don’t ever come near me again.

ME: Howard, I know only women are supposed to like it but you’d really like it too if you just gave it a chance. I once made my father watch for half an hour and now he’s over at my place all the time, dying to see what Mr. Big will do next. He can’t wait to watch for two and a half hours tonight. Anyway, I’ve got to get online. I’m posting my invitation on Craig’s List to see if anyone else would like to join us.

That night, at 7pm, men who were complete strangers to me began showing up at my apartment. Of all the guys, I only knew Don and my dad. I told everyone to sit in a circle while I stood in the middle, preparing to make my speeches.

ME: Guys, let’s party.

Everyone cheered and hollered and hooted, interrupting my first speech, and some of the guys felt the need to rip off their shirts and fling them at me.

ME: First off, I’m happy to announce that my wife is out for the evening. And what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

Everyone now jumped to their feet and really starting making noise, applauding, stomping their feet and shouting out. For some reason, Don was now only wearing tiny underwear which barely covered his privates.

ME: And since my wife isn’t home, this might be a real fun opportunity to rifle through her things.

More applause, but this time, not so enthusiastic.


Everyone simmered down.

MUSCULAR GUY: Does your wife know you’re having this party?

ME: Of course not. I told her my dad and I are singing karaoke duets all night so she left.

MY DAD: We’re actually doing the duets thing tomorrow night.

I smiled over at my dad.

ME: All night long, Daddy. All night long.

MY DAD (briefly swaying and singing): Havin' my baby…

MUSCULAR GUY: If your wife doesn’t know about any of this, you and your father are actually living on the “down low”. Are you aware of that?

ME: I don’t know what it is that you’re talking about, but if you’re asking how low we can go, I’d have to say pretty low.

MUSCULAR GUY: So you’re ashamed of who you really are.

ME: Well, both my dad and I are.

MUSCULAR GUY: Then I don’t want to be a part of this. I’m done with hiding.

The muscular guy moved toward the door.

ME: I love to hide. Half the time, no one knows where I am. I could be in a cupboard somewhere. Who knows? Come find me.

SOME OTHER GUY: I’m outta here. This party’s for poseurs.

ANOTHER GUY: I’m not a poseur.

AND YET ANOTHER GUY: See ya later haters.

And soon everyone was milling out, my party ruined. Don, in his man panties, shook his head as he moved past me.

ME: Get out! Everyone, just get out! See if I care! This will only give me more time with my dad. All night, just me and my dad! You guys are just jealous! Of me and my dad!


ssgreylord said...

Very funny... enjoyed the post. Nice writing style can picture :) what happened.

Tomara said...

you should have skipped the gym, haters up in there!

hahaha, Eric... soda came out my nose.. your invitation was awesome!